Project Learning Tree

PLT, a nationally recognized environmental education program, shows K-12 teachers how to use the forest as a window into the natural world. Workshops and in-service programs provide teachers with instruction and ready-to-use PLT materials that show them how to use the world of nature to teach their core subjects and to increase students understanding of the value of forests.

Teachers Conservation Workshops

For more than 30 years, the Foundation has conducted these workshops to provide K-12 teachers a week-long opportunity to learn about Alabama’s abundant and diverse forests. Through a combination of classroom instruction from some of the states leading natural resource experts, field trips and handson learning activities, teachers learn how Alabama’s forests are managed and how they are sustainably utilized. Approved by the Alabama Department of Education as an AMST Affiliate Program, the workshop provides teachers with knowledge and tools to take back to their classroom.

Architecture Student Tour

Through a partnership with the College of Architecture at Auburn University, the Foundation has provided instruction and hands on learning  opportunities for students studying in the field of architecture for more than 30 years. Classroom discussions about forest certification systems is  followed by a day-long tour showing students how forests are managed, how timber is harvested, how building products are manufactured and  finally how wood can be incorporated into the design of commercial buildings.

Black Belt Initiative

One of the more recent Foundation programs, the Black Belt Initiative was implemented to expose rural high school students in Alabama’s Black Belt Region to the array of employment opportunities in Alabama’s forest industry. Meetings with guidance counselors throughout the region provide information and materials on careers in forestry and engineering as well as other professional and technical fields that are employed in forestry. In service training and forestry workshops are also provided for teachers that work with and advise students and week-long summer workshops in forestry and engineering are provided for students interested in a career in forestry.

The Foundation also promotes Excellence in Science and Mathematics in rural K-12 classrooms by funding a program to train and provide stipends for “coach” teachers at three southwest Alabama schools. These “coach” teachers then provide assistance, materials and training to other teachers to integrate math and science into all learning areas.

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The Black Belt Initiative

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